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Board of Directors

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Founders - Dr. John & Brooke Witcher

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Dr. Jeff Howard, MD

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Dr.  Carol Hill, MD


Dr. Robert Corkern, MD

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Dr.  Richard "Kevin" Cole, MD


Gloria Anderson 

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Dr. Micheal Buehler, MD

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Dr.  Mark Ellis, MD

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Dr. Everett McKibben, MD

Dr. Coleman Boyd, MD

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Dr. Cameron Huxford , MD

About John & Brooke Witcher

Dr. Witcher is a life-long Mississippian, raised on the coast with family roots in Yazoo City and Tupelo. His parents met at MS College and were married. They moved to the coast shortly after Hurricane Camille and Henry Witcher taught 4th grade at St Martin, while Virginia took care of things at home.

Dr. Witcher first started his career with an electrical engineering degree, but his dream was to be a physician. After working a while as an engineer, he went back to school and graduated from University of South Alabama and he continued at UMMC. Dr. Witcher has specialized in rural Mississippi health care as a General Practitioner/ER Doctor/Hospitalist since 1996. He has worked in small hospitals around the state and developed many dear relationships with patients and other medical professionals.

Brooke, also raised on the coast, moved to the Reservoir in the late 80s and has been a business owner, mother, and very active member of FBC Fannin since moving to the area. She is a devoted student of the Bible and children’s Sunday School teacher. She has been recognized as a leading real estate agent with Hopper Properties.

Dr. John and Brooke are both honored to serve on the board of Salt & Light Honduras, and are devoted to serving in Honduras on medical mission trips. 

Together we have 4 grown children.

WHY Start MS Against Mandates?

After becoming concerned with the censorship of physicians, Dr. Witcher supported the American Frontline Doctors About Us | America's Frontline Doctors (  early on in the fight against censorship. Censorship about alternative treatments turned to slander and misinformation in order to push an Emergency Use Authorization. Once the EUA brought forth the vaccine, the enticements to be vaccinated began. From free donuts to free Playstations… the perks were very creative, including lifting some of the nation’s lockdowns. When the perks quit working, the coercion began.


The RED LINE that caused action was the implementation of Vaccine Mandates at his workplace. Currently, there is 

· NO informed consent 

· NO responsible party if a patient experiences a problem

· NO established tracking and reporting of side affects

Dr. Witcher feels taking the COVID vaccines should be a personal and private decision between the patient and their primary care physician. No governing agency, entity or employer has the right to force a person to be vaccinated against their will with threats of job loss or discrimination of any sort.

Medical Freedom is a topic in which all Americans should be able to unite. It is not controversial. Privacy. Bodily autonomy. The individual’s right to be informed and choose the best option is a foundational freedom we have always enjoyed.  Where there are risks , there must be choice.

Board Advisors

Chief Medical Advisor

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Chief Scientific Advisor

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