We Stand Up for Medical Freedom and we Stand Against Medical Tyranny
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Workplace & School Mandates

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COVID Treatments

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Legal Action

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MS Against Mandates

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Our Team

We are a broad-based coalition of concerned citizens intent on turning back the tides of medical tyranny.

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Dr. John Witcher

Board President

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Dr. Jeff Howard

Lead Medical Advisor

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Dr. Wesley Granger

Lead Practitioner

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Dr. Peter McCullough

National Medical Advisor

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Connect, Encourage, and Be Empowered

On Telegram, supporters can connect with others in their area, enjoy up-to-date nightly chats, and stay informed with uncensored news sources that provide studies and research about the things in which we are concerned.  


Every person brings something special to our mission - Stopping the Mandates and ending discrimination in our work places and schools.  Telegram is our platform we use to accomplish our goals and stay in touch.  

Join Dr. John Witcher, MD on Telegram

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Vaccine injured?  Can't work or go to school?

Hospital injured?

Have you or a loved one been adversely affected by the covid  vaccines ,vaccine mandates , or hospital covid protocols? 

We want to hear your story.

The Mississippi Branch Covidians -  Cult leader - Dr Dobbs